CLS3Stating The Obvious (STO) is the flagship podcast of the Cynical Libertarian Society.

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The first episode of STO went “live” onto the interwebz in November 1st, 2014.

I don’t care that you started a podcast last month.

At the time I was a right-wing libertarian.  Prior to that I was a left-wing statist liberal Democrat, then a right-wing statist conservative Republican.  Over the years as I did the podcast I moved from right-wing libertarian to right-wing minarchist, to libertarian minarchist, to minarchist and finally to anarcho-capitalist.

So don’t fucking tell me I just “don’t understand” your ideology.  I’ve already experienced your ideology and thrown it away.

The title “Stating The Obvious” is a reflection of the fact that everything I say in this podcast is obvious.  To smart people.  Problem is the other 99% of the population needs to have these things explained to them.

But I don’t do this podcast to explain and educate.  I do this podcast to offend.  And for my personal amusement.

Trigger Warning!  Every episode of Stating The Obvious has bad language and personal insults.  STO is not a Safe Space.

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”  H.L. Mencken

Stating The Obvious 0389 – Listener Question: Can Ancapadise Be Invaded?

I get email. Sometimes it’s intelligent email. Oh Great One, You have a great podcast, got turned on to you when you subbed for Aaron Clarey. From one anarcho-capitalist to another, I’ve got a question that’s been thrown at me that I really couldn’t answer: How could an anarcho-capitalist society survive if a non anarcho-capitalist society decided to try and take over? Now there’s no argument that without the state we would never reach the level of weaponry that exists now, in a truly free market that adheres to the ZAP there would be no need for incredibly expensive aircraft … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0388 – Garrison Keillor, a Liberal Elitist Mongoloid, Hates White People Who Voted For Trump.

Garrison Keillor shows us almost everything that is wrong with left-wing statists. Those of you who supported Trump didn’t support Trump because you thought he could win. You only supported Trump because you wanted to agitate liberal elitists like Garrison Keillor. Because liberal elitists like Garrison Keillor are the focus of your life. “The bright-looking sophomore came up after a lecture and said she’d never realize the 13 Colonies were all on the East Coast. We’ve been raising generations of young Americans who are, by and large, historically illiterate.” — Historian David McCullough But liberal elitists wouldn’t have anything to … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0387 – Three Femistatist Stories.

In today’s episode of Stating The Obvious (the weapons platform from which I launch the cruise missile of my intellect): Previews of what’s coming up in future episodes. A femistatists is going to the Million Cunt March to protest Trump. She could keep going and move to Canada. It’s not that much farther. Remember you can help send a commie to Canada. Donation levels for everyone! A woman was raped by demons in a Conan story and a male femistatist writes a letter to let the editors know he is not amused. The Feminist Activity Book by Gemma Correll. … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0386 – There Is No Tomorrow. You Will Stop Being A Loser Today.

Shut up and listen. You will stop being a loser and you will stop today. You will not stop being a loser tomorrow. There is no tomorrow. Tomorrow is a fantasy. Tomorrow is the fear of now. Tomorrow is the path to unhappiness. If you are not already doing these three things you will start doing them today. Not tomorrow. To. Fucking. Day. … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0385 – Aaron Clarey aka Captain Capitalism visits The Great One, Himself @aaron_clarey #Capitalism

Captain Capitalism, Himself braved the ice covered roads – covered with ice ’cause Colorado don’t treat them with chemicals to melt the ice because “global warming” – and voyaged to The People’s Republic of Fort Collins – where ploughing the snow on the roads is a lower priority than passing laws making it illegal to smoke cigarettes outside – and paid a visit to The Great One, Himself. There was great intellectual conversation and witty dialogue. Mostly originating with Captain Capitalism, Himself. You’ll discover this is true when you listen to the podcast. The Great One (yes, Himself) was mostly … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0384 – Torturing Retarded People And Livestreaming It? Acceptable To Left-wing Statists. Love Trumps Hate and Feelz Trump Logic.

You might want to skip the first 8 minutes of this podcast. I will not player hate ya if ya do. Oh fuck. I have no adult supervision today. Oh fuck. I looked at Twitter today. Everyone was going nuts. Today I will explain the anarcho-capitalist worldview of a retarded person being tortured by black people who livestream it on Feministbook. I’ll explain why this would never happen in Ancapadise. I’ll explain, yet again, why the left-wing statist is more dangerous to freedom than the right-wing statist. … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0383 – Being A Femistatist Means Never Having To Manage Your Own Emotions.

Steve Martin said something nice about how a woman looked and femistatists shit themselves. “When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well.” Steve Martin then deleted the tweet and joined the ranks of beta male pussy cunts. You never say anything nice about a femistatist. Never. Ever. Never. Other than Princess Leia what did Carrie Fisher ever do? How about nothing. Oh. She “identified” as a “feminist”. Good for her. That’s not an accomplishment. Have you heard the threat … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0382 – Pizzagate, The Failures of Democracy, and The Stupidity of Statists.

Once again I never get around to the things I was going to podcast about. What I do talk about is… Trump is not the Messiah. The right-wing statists have not won. The left-wing statists are going to come at you with more hatred than you have ever seen in your life. How about you left-wing statists exercise integrity for one time in you life. One time only. You said you would go to Canada if Trump won. Get the fuck out. Pizzagate sure was “debunked” awfully fast. I wonder if that’s because Democrats were involved. And what does it … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0381 – Emotional Manipulation Episode IV: Logic and Rationality Strike Back.

I continue reading from Episode III. Still no tangenting and no fucking around. You should be paying me for this knowledge. After listening to Episodes III and IV you will understand how to use words that mean nothing to get people to think you have said exactly what they want to hear. Use this power to sell stuff, get people to help you and women to spread their legs. Language is that powerful. Doubt me? Consider “hope” and “change”. How did that work out for you? Despise all Obama’s cum you swallowed are you better off than you were eight … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0380 – Emotional Manipulation Episode III: The Rise Of Nebulous Language.

No tangenting. No fucking around. The Great One reads this blog post line by line and explains why almost every sentence is a lie and why every sentence is emotional manipulation. You will come away from this podcast with an understanding of how words are used to manipulate you. And how to use words to manipulate. You choose what to do with this knowledge. You can can apply it for good or evil – your choice. Just make sure you can deal with the consequences. For example: You could call everyone who disagrees with your “racist” instead of coming up … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0379 – Emotional Manipulation Episode II: Everything A Woman Says Is A Lie. Explained.

Mother fucker am I hot today. The microphone damn near melts. I never get around to talking about what I was suppose to talk about but I talk and rant about things much more fun.  Such as: Why it’s good for you liberals to be afraid of Trump. How Obama has given Trump all the tools he needs to build concentration camps. How Trump will not build concentration camps for liberals and why this makes me sad. Why I hate you. The one thing right-wing statists and left-wing statists agree on. If male and female are social constructs created by … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0378 – Emotional Manipulation Episode I: She Loves All Men and All Men Are Broken.

I got off to a slow start on this episode. In this episode: When you hire women because they are women you get incompetence. Trump is not the Messiah. Yes. All politicians are like that. A post at Return of Kings reads exactly like something written by a SJW. Fortunately, conservatives like Leitch speak truth to power and demonstrate a level of impartiality to their social policy prescriptions liberals seem incapable of doing. The United States has saved its socio-economic future by electing an anti-globalist businessman. I stood by on November 8th, rooting northward for my fellow nationalists southward. I … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0377 – You Must Hate Your Enemies.

Logged onto Feministbook today. I fucking hate social media and almost all the people who “live” there. All of this is dancing around the permanent dot-com doom, which comes from the simple fact that less than 10% of people represent nearly all of the internet activity. This means that all internet statistics are fake to the core. For example, looking over social media, we can see the following over-represented groups: baristas, food service workers, the retired, the lonely, those on disability payments for mental illness, unsuccessful college students, basement neckbeards, people recovering from injuries and recently divorced people. In other … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0376 – The Therapy Edition. Hillary Voters Are Inferior In The Workplace.

I have survived the busiest time of my year with the production company. Everyone I work with voted for Hillary. All of them are inferior. In this episode I do my venting and in the process explain why left-wing statists are the most inferior and lazy people ever. Including the story of how a Canadian cunt expects other people to throw her garbage away for her. … Continue reading →

Meditations and Motivations 0006 – Is Yes Safe? From the Book “fuck, YES!” by Reverend Wing F. Fing M.D., Ph.D., D.D.S., L.L.D., D.V.D.

In this episode of Meditations and Motivations I read a short passage from “fuck, YES!” written by Reverend Wing F. Fing M.D., Ph.D., D.D.S., L.L.D., D.V.D. I first got this book via inter-library loan many years ago. After hearing the title I had to read it. After reading it I bought a used copy on Amazon for about $40. I highly suggest you seek out this book and embrace “Yes”. “Yes” will set you free. “Yes” will bring you closer to Ancapadise. “Yes” will make you happier. “Yes” will enable you to enjoy the decline. … Continue reading →

The Great One is on The Clarey Podcast

Greetings y’all. Yes there has been no linkage.  Yes there will be no linkage tomorrow.  The Great One has been busy as all fuck creating value for other people in exchange for money. I know many of you just voted Democrat (and lost) and thus have done your only “job” until the next election rolls around.  I’m not on welfare however.  I work for a living. If you want your Monday dose of Stating The Obvious you will have to hit up The Clarey Podcast to get it. Direct link here: Great thanks to Aaron Clarey for asking … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0375 – Two Fat Parasitical Femistatists Expect Me To Manage Their Emotions For Them. I Shit In Their Faces.

One hour and ten minutes of epic fucking rant. I read writings by two attention whoring femistatist cunts who expect men to be responsible for managing their emotions for them. Trump won. Deal with it. If you were really as afraid as you pretend you are you would be moving to Canada. Once again we see femistatists attempting to invoke the Prime Directive. No white woman from North America must ever experience discomfort. The Great One has some fucking discomfort for you two fat parasitical feminist cunts. No feelings will be spared. Move to Canada or kill yourself. Just stop … Continue reading →