"You will be judged (or you will be ignored).
Those are pretty much the only two choices."

-- Seth Godin

I'll be donating to your beer fund eventually as I have been listening for a while now and really enjoy your show/views on things. Thanks for sharing your thoughts man.


"The Illusion of Infinity" by @CynLibSoc This WILL BE the most intelligent thing you've listened to this year. (on Twitter)

. . . . .

I linked to him before, but I'm going to link to him again, because the concept he came up with is brilliant, and that is Cynical Libertarian's "Illusion of Infinity."

Take for example three entities:

The government.
Religion, and
The internet.

They play a role in normal everyday people's lives, but they also introduce, unintentionally "infinity" in one capacity or another, or at least the ILLUSION of infinity.


Captain Capitalism


I listened and explored your site. I'll pass - seems more alt-right than I care for, but thanks for reaching out.

Good luck with your show,

Ian Freeman

"Eight years of calling whites racists has consequences." Another MUST LISTEN TO analysis by Cynical Libertarian Society where he (correctly) analyzes the election results. -- Captain Capitalism
"Cynical Libertarian, who I like to call George Norrie on Crack." -- Captain Capitalism
" . . . what a whiny little psycho your retarded "parents" brought up." -- Studio 4K
"You really said it. By the way, I have a great personality, am feminine and am cute. I'm also not a feminazi and I resent having to go to an office and play their games. I am an artist and would rather be home doing my art and taking care of my home. Thanks to the 'manginas' (haha), I haven't found a suitable, confident real man to marry, but hopefully that will change. I'm changing the other part (work). Femistatists (?) have set us back a couple of hundred years and even I am sick of paying for their little progeny and sexual 'mistakes'. Anyway, GREAT podcast and thank you for speaking the truth." -- Priyagold7
"The fake laughs are annoying but he gets some zingers in there." -- Captain Capitalism
"Are you a chauvinist shill? Yes, you are. I took the effort out of replying for you." -- Emily Vandreel
"Im surprised you dont have more views on YT. I usually put on YT at night, through my xbox, and listen to a podcast or documentary etc. And last week your video was recommended to me by YT so I watched it, or listened to it, and liked it a lot. I was Lol'ing a lot. Haha Keep up the good work. You're the best guy out there right now, sincerely." -- Jason
"Derp" -- Seth Nicoli
"Sounds like the shit Stefan Molyneux pours out of his Douche bag face.  Bye bye fucktard." -- Trevor Murray
"Look at his page. Holy cow. Someone has issues...!" -- Lisa DeLasho
"Woah woah woah ....what did mommy do to you to make you this way?!?!??" -- Cheyenne Gray
"Oh I get it now, it's clickbait. I mean using younger girls in tight clothes to promote your hate of women including the other issues that are "written" about on there....are all designed to get someone in more for the clicks than anything else. Gotcha....internet troll. Blah boring" -- Augustus Crane
"You don't meet definition of Libertarian 1.: an advocate of the doctrine of free will (You criticize others that don't think like you and you mock their Christ) This makes you judgmental and Prejudice and against free will.. 2 : a person who upholds the principles of individual liberty especially of thought and action (You "think" you are right and everyone else is wrong and call yourself a God. - Satan did that already and he's not a libertarian)." -- John Galt
"but being a cynical cocky asshole is what made me subscribe 🙂 i mean that as a compliment. if i wanted politically correct neutered beta male reporting and opinions id listen to NPR." -- Redfox
"Can't believe I haven't discovered this show before now...absolutely fucking love it!!!" -- samuski36
"Fucking excellent rant! Wish I could tie my mom and sister to a chair and make them listen to this one, but they're Finished!" -- samuski36 commenting on Stating The Obvious 0155
"We may not agree on everything, and may misunderstand context etc. But I can see you are the genuine article when it comes to desiring and understanding freedom, and that's all that matters. Kudos!" -- samuski36
"You have no clue what you're talking about. You don't understand feminism OR anarchy. Drop your sexist BS." -- Demilitarized Nicosia
"101st subscriber! I suspect AaronClarey! Glad I found it either way." -- chopper7020
"Smart thoughts you protruded today." -- Jeremy Rich
"I've been subbed to Aaron Clarey because of you for some time know and wanted to thank you greatly. I'm 15 and recently went up to Red River, New Mexico for a Cross-Country meeting and thought a bit about you Cynical Libertarian. Good to have the red pill kind on my internet!" -- Jeremy Rich

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