Captain Capitalism, Himself braved the ice covered roads – covered with ice ’cause Colorado don’t treat them with chemicals to melt the ice because “global warming” – and voyaged to The People’s Republic of Fort Collins – where ploughing the snow on the roads is a lower priority than passing laws making it illegal to smoke cigarettes outside – and paid a visit to The Great One, Himself.

There was great intellectual conversation and witty dialogue. Mostly originating with Captain Capitalism, Himself.

You’ll discover this is true when you listen to the podcast.

The Great One (yes, Himself) was mostly along for the ride and sounds like an awestruck fan-boy.

Speaking of porn – the Captain informs me of this website:

Image “young adult fiction” meets eco-wacko conspiracy theories meets Harlequin Romance books.  Now you don’t have to image it.  It’s real.  Click the link above and have a barf bag handy.

If you enjoy the wisdom and wit of the Captain (Himself) be sure to delve into his vast online media empire, and his books. To include Boris The Shitting Buffalo.

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I like capitalism more than I like volleyball chycks. But not by much.


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