You might want to skip the first 8 minutes of this podcast. I will not player hate ya if ya do.

Oh fuck.

I have no adult supervision today.

Oh fuck.

I looked at Twitter today.

Everyone was going nuts.

Today I will explain the anarcho-capitalist worldview of a retarded person being tortured by black people who livestream it on Feministbook.

I’ll explain why this would never happen in Ancapadise.

I’ll explain, yet again, why the left-wing statist is more dangerous to freedom than the right-wing statist.

Once again I explain why volleyball chycks are the bestest.


Stating The Obvious 0384 – Torturing Retarded People And Livestreaming It? Acceptable To Left-wing Statists. Love Trumps Hate and Feelz Trump Logic. — No Comments

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