“The greatest enemies of free enterprise in the U.S. are intellectuals and businessmen.”

— Milton Friedman

Fort Collins is so quiet when the Medicated Generation is out of town. The local throw-away newspaper has published its last issue. Am I suppose to be sad? Granted I’ll miss making fun of them. According to the Canadian government the polar bear population has more than doubled, even though we are all dying from global warming and the ice caps are melting. Is there a problem with Florida and California flooding when the ice caps melt? I don’t think so.

I’ve been too busy to do an STO for awhile. I’ve been working in order to support the economy. Not everyone can sit at home waiting for a welfare check to show up.

Freddie Mac official found dead. Not even the “change” of government bailouts could save him. The CEOs of all the companies Hussein has bailed out should kill themselves. All of them.

Racism in not about “black and white”. Racism has to be kept alive. Colleges, the media, politicians, activist and others all need racism. Racism is what gives them power and that is why so many people and organizations need racism. It will never go away. It’s “mixed race week” at CSU. Teaching people how to choose which race to identify with. How about you don’t identify with any race except the human race? What if people were people instead of members of some minority group? Racial identity is a “psychological process that unfolds differently in people”. What the fuck? Racial identity is a category created by the government in order to divide people up into groups and get them to hate each other.

Yes I said “before the civil rights area” instead of era. So I can’t talk. Here are five strategies to determine and define your racial identity. What if you are half white, half black and half asian? What if you are half man, half bear and half pig? What if you are half white, half black and half Jewish? You can invent your own heritage. Yes, that’s right – just “invent” one. Just make it up. Why not, the government and the activist do. I have a sixth option for you: Get a life.

The one quasi-governmental agency in Colorado which was saving money so they could operate during down turns in the economy is having the money it saved taken away from it to support parts of the government which can not turn a profit. Only as a government agency are you punished for saving money and looking ahead while the agencies that spent money and have nothing are rewarded and bailed out.

It’s that time again to “take back the night”. Barf. “This event is empowerment in a single word. Empowerment.” Wow, the Dumbest Generation is so smart. And there is is, the “1 in 4” lie about how many women get raped.

What is the number one killer of children is death. We must save the children from death by killing them. We must kill the children to save the children.

The Prius automobile is trying to kill people who are trying to save the Earth. Ok, the bitch is driving in the rain at 60 mph in congested traffic which frightens her and she is “constantly looking at the console to manage her fuel consumption”. She needs to be looking at the road. She is dangerous to public safety. Why does she still have a drivers license? The Prius “accelerated on its own”. Oh bullshit. It’s not the car’s fault, it’s yours. Toyota said that “faulty floor mats” are causing the cars to accelerate out of control. Right . . . Driving his Prius is a “full time hobby” and driving it is “like playing a video game”. Wow, what a fucking loser. He’s a “hyper-miler” aka a loser.

Is turning you engine off and coasting down the road really safe? Should these people be allowed to drive? I think not.


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