Star Wars The Old Republic

I don’t know how long it will last, but honestly I can see myself staying in orbit of this black hole for a long time. I made the mistake of playing Star Wars The Old Republic and now I’m hooked. I mean damn. I can kill people with lightsabers and fry enemies with force lightening. Force lightening. Which fucking part of force lightening do you not understand?

Yea sure. The game ain’t perfect. But I’m having a damn good time. In the posts below I’ll be dropping screen shots with spicy captions. At some point videos will appear as well.

If you wanna come join me in a universe where the Empire is run by white humans for white humans here is my Star Wars The Old Republic affiliate link. If you use this to sign up I will get free stuff and you will get free stuff. You know. Free. Like free college, free health care, all that free stuff you have been promised by politicians.

Click on a character image to see screenshots and videos featuring that character or scroll down past the character images to see everyone’s posts.


Phym-myri is a redheaded Sith Sorcerer who enjoys punishing stupid people with blasts of force lightening. Don’t make the mistake of thinking she serves the Empire. She serves herself and the way of the Sith.


Stancali-myri is an Imperial Agent trained as a sniper. One shot, one kill – targets and women – is his philosophy of life/death. He does what must be done for Emperor and Empire. And the chycks.

Teha-myri is a Jedi Sentinel who leaps into battle with a lightsabre in each hand. She’s filled with the overconfidence of youth. That’s probably gonna take her closer to the Dark Side.