Basket Of Inferiors 0001: Every Stupid Bitch Attending The Stupid Cunts Who Hate Heterosexual White Men With Jobs March on The Trumpenfuhrer’s Inauguration Day.

The other day while contemplating how all the roads would instantly vanish if the governemnt was shut down in my favourite coffee shop I was also listening in on the conversation between a beta male and a liberal arts degree, “I work with children”, cock carousel riding SJW Millennial female. Nearly every sentence she birthed from her pie hole was laugh inspiring the best one was this. Speaking about her intention to protest on the Trumpenfuhrer’s inauguration day she said: “I’m going to protest to let them know we are still here.” We know you are still here you stupid … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0389 – Listener Question: Can Ancapadise Be Invaded?

I get email. Sometimes it’s intelligent email. Oh Great One, You have a great podcast, got turned on to you when you subbed for Aaron Clarey. From one anarcho-capitalist to another, I’ve got a question that’s been thrown at me that I really couldn’t answer: How could an anarcho-capitalist society survive if a non anarcho-capitalist society decided to try and take over? Now there’s no argument that without the state we would never reach the level of weaponry that exists now, in a truly free market that adheres to the ZAP there would be no need for incredibly expensive aircraft … Continue reading →

Linkage: 17 January, 2017 #TheTriggering

With the ascension of MeinTrumpenFuhrer to the Oval Office, his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway has become the first Woman in American herstory to ever successfully manage a Presidential campaign to victory! No feminists could be reached for comment about such a herstorical milestone being reached…most were otherwise occupied with wailing and gnashing their teeth. The consensus has been manufactured and the narrative has been coordinated worldwide. The talking heads on the tell-a-vision and the commissars that produce our digital print media have told us what to think about Pizzagate, and to even consider thinking otherwise or looking any further … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0388 – Garrison Keillor, a Liberal Elitist Mongoloid, Hates White People Who Voted For Trump.

Garrison Keillor shows us almost everything that is wrong with left-wing statists. Those of you who supported Trump didn’t support Trump because you thought he could win. You only supported Trump because you wanted to agitate liberal elitists like Garrison Keillor. Because liberal elitists like Garrison Keillor are the focus of your life. “The bright-looking sophomore came up after a lecture and said she’d never realize the 13 Colonies were all on the East Coast. We’ve been raising generations of young Americans who are, by and large, historically illiterate.” — Historian David McCullough But liberal elitists wouldn’t have anything to … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0387 – Three Femistatist Stories.

In today’s episode of Stating The Obvious (the weapons platform from which I launch the cruise missile of my intellect): Previews of what’s coming up in future episodes. A femistatists is going to the Million Cunt March to protest Trump. She could keep going and move to Canada. It’s not that much farther. Remember you can help send a commie to Canada. Donation levels for everyone! A woman was raped by demons in a Conan story and a male femistatist writes a letter to let the editors know he is not amused. The Feminist Activity Book by Gemma Correll. … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0386 – There Is No Tomorrow. You Will Stop Being A Loser Today.

Shut up and listen. You will stop being a loser and you will stop today. You will not stop being a loser tomorrow. There is no tomorrow. Tomorrow is a fantasy. Tomorrow is the fear of now. Tomorrow is the path to unhappiness. If you are not already doing these three things you will start doing them today. Not tomorrow. To. Fucking. Day. … Continue reading →

Linkage: 10 January, 2017 #TheTriggering

The truth is Polly Dunning is the epitome of the third form of fake news – “The Failed Millennial Leftist Diary.” Merely one of millions of failed leftist millennials who cannot accept that, even with their precious liberal arts degrees, they are common, boring, and offer nothing of value to the world. Since they cannot accept this and their ego must be satiated, they go to the internet to journal about their “heroic journey” or “struggle” where they find other sympathetic, self-commiserating failed millennial leftists. But mere commiseration is not enough, so they resort to increasing levels of sensationalism, brown … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0385 – Aaron Clarey aka Captain Capitalism visits The Great One, Himself @aaron_clarey #Capitalism

Captain Capitalism, Himself braved the ice covered roads – covered with ice ’cause Colorado don’t treat them with chemicals to melt the ice because “global warming” – and voyaged to The People’s Republic of Fort Collins – where ploughing the snow on the roads is a lower priority than passing laws making it illegal to smoke cigarettes outside – and paid a visit to The Great One, Himself. There was great intellectual conversation and witty dialogue. Mostly originating with Captain Capitalism, Himself. You’ll discover this is true when you listen to the podcast. The Great One (yes, Himself) was mostly … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0384 – Torturing Retarded People And Livestreaming It? Acceptable To Left-wing Statists. Love Trumps Hate and Feelz Trump Logic.

You might want to skip the first 8 minutes of this podcast. I will not player hate ya if ya do. Oh fuck. I have no adult supervision today. Oh fuck. I looked at Twitter today. Everyone was going nuts. Today I will explain the anarcho-capitalist worldview of a retarded person being tortured by black people who livestream it on Feministbook. I’ll explain why this would never happen in Ancapadise. I’ll explain, yet again, why the left-wing statist is more dangerous to freedom than the right-wing statist. … Continue reading →

Stating The Obvious 0383 – Being A Femistatist Means Never Having To Manage Your Own Emotions.

Steve Martin said something nice about how a woman looked and femistatists shit themselves. “When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well.” Steve Martin then deleted the tweet and joined the ranks of beta male pussy cunts. You never say anything nice about a femistatist. Never. Ever. Never. Other than Princess Leia what did Carrie Fisher ever do? How about nothing. Oh. She “identified” as a “feminist”. Good for her. That’s not an accomplishment. Have you heard the threat … Continue reading →