Anarchy Moment 0262 – Do Any Of You Even Know What Is A Brain Cell? — 2 Comments

  1. So.. let me see if I got this right. When you are the ‘ruler’ of the Anarcho-Capitalist Paradise…. all 14 yr old men will ‘voluntarily(?)’ have their nuts disconnected from their pipework?

    I have follow-up questions.

    • Not voluntarily. It will be like taxation. For you own good. This isn’t Ancapadise. This is when I’m ruler of a statist society.

      In Ancapadise all I’ll be doing is leaving everyone alone. These are two totally different countries.

      Hey . . . I’ve always been thinking I had to choose between being a dictator of a statist society or Ancapadise.

      I could have both…

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