Stating The Obvious 0594 – Book Discussion: The Millennial’s Guide to Changing The World – Episode XI: Admit That We (The Royal We) Are All Racist. — 3 Comments

  1. -“we sport cornrows that are called fashionable when the African Americans with this hairstyle are told it’s unprofessional”

    What a pile of shit. The vikings also had “cornrows” back in like the 8th century, it’s not exactly brain surgery to come up with the idea of braiding your hair really close to the scalp so it won’t get in the way of you doing manual labor while at the same time keeping your head warm during those cold winter nights. I guess when your people have achieved as little as the Africans did, you’d be petty enough to monopolize a hairstyle of all things. lol

  2. >”Having to act white to be successful in a white culture is racist”

    You mean having to act civil and respectful towards others as opposed to sticking a bone through your nose and spearing someone.

    >”How white people don’t allow black people to have money and put blacks in jail just for the fun of it”

    Have whites dismantled the welfare state then? Understanding the link between committing crimes and going to jail is too hard for some groups to understand.

    >”Aspects of white culture that need to go away”

    I keep getting told whites have no culture.

    >”For millennials being disagreed with is trauma”

    Millennials are fucking trauma.

  3. GO, I forgot to mention this……. apparently white Europeans did not actually originate from Africa, please see links below:

    This would actually make some sense since Europeans are so far beyond Africans in terms of achievement it would explain a lot. There is no way I consider myself related to Africans.

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