Gratitude to Captain Capitalism for mentioning my episode of Stating The Obvious in which I explain the Trump victory. This one link has set a new record for the number of hits on my site in one day.

And this illustrates the true path to being found on the interwebz. It ain’t SEO. Especially if your content is the sort of content Google and social media will censor.

I had to give up on the book The Hatching.

1. The “you go girl” level became too much to stomach.

2. The product placement of Diet Coke was out of control.

3. It’s the first book in a fucking trilogy. Because everything is a fucking trilogy now days because the stories are padding with social engineering and political correctness.

A fat woman on Feministbook writes a long post about how she was willing to give Trump supporters a chance, but they are just too racist and violent.

Why do you fucking Hillary voting cunts think that anyone gives a fuck if you “give them a chance”? Why don’t you just shut the fuck up and get out of the United States like you said you would.

I look at my predictions for the 2016 election in Colorado. I made my predictions in Anarchy Moment 0160.

I think I was more right that last time around, but still didn’t call them all. I predicted 13 correctly and 6 incorrectly.

32.8% of births in the United States are by caesarean section. White women from North America are so fucking lazy they can’t even spit out their own children. They need white men to remove the children for them.

The flag of South Carolina is racist and is removed from display at a fraternity house in Fort Collins. Black people are no longer oppressed. Just kidding. Black people will always be oppressed. If black people were equal they would have to get jobs.

In 2004 Ellen DeGeneres pretended to be the President of the United States for a photo shoot. She also wrote 18 reasons why she thinks a woman would make a good President. One reason is that a woman would represent a true majority since women are 51% of the population.

Yet I though man and woman, male and female, are simply social constructs created by the patriarchy to oppress women and minorities. If being a woman is a social construct created by the patriarchy to oppress women then being a woman really shouldn’t be used as a criteria for electing a President who is going to smash the patriarchy.

Oh shit.  I just used logic.

Logic is a construct of the patriarchy created to oppress women and minorities.

Speaking of things I'd like to smash . . .

Speaking of things I’d like to smash . . .


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