The move Last Days on Mars. When you go to another planet take a fucking gun.

Captain Capitalism agrees with me. I talked about the post by Roosh – People Should Not Be Allowed Unlimited Personal Freedom – – and now Aaron has voiced his opinion on that post as well.

Other than making excuses for Roosh’s statism Aaron and The Great One are on the same page.

Maximum Freedom, Maximum Responsibility –

Also Cappy’s flagged YouTube video is back. Watch it now before some social justice warrior gets it removed again.

I started reading the book The Greenwash Effect by Guy Pearse. I’m only on page 19 but Pearse is ripping off heads and shitting down necks. And he is a global warming wacko. It’s good to see a global warming wacko who doesn’t suck corporate cock the way most of you do.

That's the sort of green I like.

That’s the sort of green I like.


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