While King Hussein Obama, His Lord and Saviour, The Messiah, The First Affirmative Action President and the Second Coming Of Jesus Christ continues to murder people in foreign countries with flying robots the tolerant, diverse, educated citizens of Fort Collins, Colorado concern themselves with more critical issues.

Should people riding bikes be put into rape cages if they don’t stop at stop signs even when there is no other traffic on the road.

In this and the next podcast I analyze two op-ed pieces from two pieces of shit attempting to justify why the law should require bike riders to stop at every stop sign under all conditions.

In this extravaganza of ass kicking I’ll cover:

  • Why our entire society is based on fear.
  • Why this illustrates public education is a failure.
  • Women can’t use logic, only emotion.
  • Men use terms like “social contract” without knowing what they mean.
  • You know you are slaves and that’s why you ask the government for permission.
  • Natural selection and evolution work by removing the inferior DNA from the gene pool.  The State protects the inferior DNA and breeds it because inferior people make the best tax cattle.

Pour a cup of coffee when listening to these ’cause I’m gonna piss all in it.



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