Stating The Obvious 0357 – No One Knows More About Insulting Millennials Than I Do, Maybe In The History Of The World. Episode III — 5 Comments

    • When you fucking millennial fucks leave comments can you at least make them coherent? It’s not “hate” to disagree with you. It’s not “hate” to expect you to stop being a parasite. I’m not misinformed. I’m simply not stupid like you are. Go fuck yourself.

      • You are nothing less than a bro-Nazi! Your hate and negative comments are just making you more and more isolated and withdrawn! I petty you! May God have mercy on you. Whoever you are!!

  1. I petty you. You are a sad and lonely and withdrawn person who lives in the dark full of emotional hate without light. What you need is God in your life. I suspect I know who you are. I pity you. May one day you find life. Happy New Year.

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